Sarah (sarah33) wrote in ul_sports,

Not so good news...

Brohm tears ACL, done for season
By Eric Crawford
The Courier-Journal

University of Louisville sophomore quarterback Brian Brohm has a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and will not return this season, according to football spokesman Rocco Gasparro.

Brohm is expected to undergo surgery within the next two weeks and will miss all of spring practice, but is expected to return in time for preseason practice in August, Gasparro said.

In addition to the torn ligament, Brohm also suffered a bone bruise and torn meniscus when he was tackled after a third-quarter run in Saturday’s win over Syracuse.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear. I guess the only good news is that I did the same thing and was back within 5 months playing volleyball all with average doctors and trainers. Brian's got about 9 months with the best doctors and trainers you can get.

Get well soon Brian.

And speaking of injuries, will Bush be back next week at Connecticut?
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